Eating Your Content: Jonny Blonde (Food Truck)

Jonny Blonde Food Truck – Outside

Hamilton’s Food Truck Alley re-opened this past weekend. A plethora of Food Trucks were on the scene, including Jonny Blonde. While I’ve eaten at many of them over the last couple of years, there are still a few that have escaped me. I’d had my sights set on Jonny Blonde for nearly 8 months. When they first debuted, all I heard was “they do food on a stick.” Uh… OK? That’s not exactly drawing me in. As a result, they got put on the back burner. When I saw they were going to be at FTA, I thought it best to bite the bullet and see what’s up.

What I ate was definitely NOT “food on a stick.”

Jonny Blonde Food Truck – Menu

Chicken & Brie – $10

Jonny Blonde Food Truck – Chicken & Brie 1 Jonny Blonde Food Truck – Chicken & Brie 2

One of my biggest issues with Food Trucks is that many times I don’t feel like I got the right value for the price. When I see a $10 price tag for a sandwich from a Food Truck, I cringe a little bit. $10 is my cap on what I’d like to spend per item. I’m glad to say I felt I got my money’s worth on Jonny Blonde‘s this Chicken & Brie Sandwich. First off, it’s rare to say this but the Homemade Grilled Flatbread totally makes this sandwich. When I bit into it, it was a lot like the feeling I got biting into Charred’s “Chicken On A Bun.” The bread is so good that it elevates the toppings instead of vice versa. When next I go, I’ll inquire about buying 4 or 5 Flatbread on their own.

Jonny Blonde goes local and Anti-Biotic Free for their Chicken (important for some, me not so much). It was spiced and grilled to perfection. After that, they layered thick cut Brie. Odd as it is to say, I felt the Brie was actually too thick. You can see from the above photo they didn’t mess around in terms of Brie portions. Unfortunately, it felt like a cold hunk of Cheese. Some of that likely has to do with the frigid weather I was eating in. Brie is a very soft cheese and melts well. It’s obvious the idea is that it melts over the hot Grilled Chicken and contrasts with the cold Greens & Peppers. The problem is the outdoor temperature was brutal. I wanted to eat the Sandwich before it went completely cold so I didn’t get the complete experience. As for the rest, the Greens were fresh and crisp. I absolutely loved the Chimichurri Aioli that completed it.

Today’s lesson? Don’t dismiss a Food Truck before you check them out yourself. Jonny Blonde did a great job with this Chicken & Brie sandwich. Hopefully the next time I come across them, the temperature will be above zero and I can actually get the complete experience.

I still want that Flatbread for myself though.

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8 thoughts on “Eating Your Content: Jonny Blonde (Food Truck)

  1. Jonathan and Layal. What a good review from the web site. My mouth is watering thinking about that lovely flatbread with brie. Too bad we are so far away from one another…but with the warm weather coming soon we will come and see you soon. Keep on serving that delicious food you prepare so tastefully .

  2. Great review! Very fair. I’m a fan too so I was interested to see what you wrote. Jonny’s food rocks and I regularly seek him out because I need a fix.

  3. I’m with you – $10 is definitely my cap and sometimes I regret spending that much on something from a food truck. This definitely looked like you got your money’s worth though – I’m drooling just looking at that chicken & brie!

    • It’ll be something to watch this year. The brutal winter across North America will likely cause a rise in prices this year, which we’ll see on the menu boards when $10 are now $12. It could be a major stunt to the Food Truck industries growth.

  4. This is an amazing truck. Jonny Blonde’s food is awesome. All made from scratch, incredibly tasty and run by 2 wonderful people. You should check them out!

    • I’ve eaten more of Jonny and Layal’s food than I care to admit. Easily torn through their entire menu a couple times over by now. They’re in my top 3 Food Trucks.

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