Eating Your Content: Boo’s Bistro and Wine Bar

Boo's Bistro - Front Entrance

Do you have a restaurant that you walk past every day but never go in? For me; that would be Boo’s Bistro & Wine Bar. It has been a part of Hamilton’s downtown for just under 4 years. I noticed they went through a renovation a few months back and put it on my radar. Then while sifting through Hamilton’s subreddit, a user inquired about a good date spot and it once again popped in my head. So I went with Vesna, Kyle, and Jill to check it out.

Before I get started, the web site has the items we ate but the prices are not accurate. I only noticed in post there was a discrepancy. As such, I removed prices from the descriptions. All items are around 25% more in house than online. If anyone from the staff/management actually read this review, PLEASE update your web site. Nobody enjoys being blindsided by prices or looking for an item on a menu that is no longer offered.

Curried Mussels

Boo's Bistro - Curried Mussels

Mussels are becoming my new favourite appetizer. Of course one day I’m going to lose this game of Food Roulette and swear off them forever. Until then though, I’m all about Mussels. Boo’s Bistro & Wine Bar does a Curried Mussels as a special and we lucked out. The mussels were flavourful. I’m sure a lot of that can be attributed to the fantastic curry broth they were swimming in. We received a good size portion and we shared but I’ll be real in saying I happily took down the majority.

Coconut Lemon Grass Shrimp

Boo's Bistro - Coconut Lemongrass Shrimp

So here’s the deal, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the best Shrimp I have ever had. That was my initial impression upon biting into it and I’ve been mulling it over for a couple of days trying to figure out if anything has compared over the years. This wasn’t anything overly fancy, in fact the title of the appetizer is basically all components aside from some Basil. It was just a perfect bite. Shrimp were large in size, extremely tender, and bursting with flavour. I would have liked to see a larger portion though. 6 to 8 would have been ideal.

Crab Ravioli

Boo's Bistro - Crab Ravioli

Hand made Ravioli is stuffed with Ricotta & Spinach and covered in a Basil Cream Sauce with Crab. Jill ordered this entree and… didn’t have much to say about it. I’m not a fan of my Pasta swimming in sauce and I typically avoid Crab so I took a pass on a bite.

Gorgonzola Filet (Special)

Boo's Bistro - Gorgonzola Filet

Vesna was a fan of Boo’s Bistro & Wine Bar and very high on their steak. She’s pretty picky about what she likes so I take her praise in high regard. When the specials were read, she took the opportunity to give this a shot. I hate everything in the Gorgonzola family and passed on it. I did try the sauce upon arrival and it wasn’t too strong though. Maybe next time if I luck out? In any case, This Filet was covered in Gorgonzola and topped with Crispy Fried Onions. I missed the starch at its base, I assume a variation on Mashed Potatoes (notes Justin, TAKE NOTES!)? Vesna ordered hers Medium and much like previous visits, it was cooked to her liking.

Ancho Beef Tenderloin

Boo's Bistro - Spicy Ancho Beef Tenderloin

Remember how I said the Shrimp was the best I’d ever eaten? Well this steak is the best I’ve ever eaten… in Hamilton. Granted there are not a ton of great options for Steak in this city but of the few I’ve tried, this topped them with ease. I could not believe how much I enjoyed this Steak. I ordered mine Medium Rare as per usual and it was the perfect cook. While I didn’t get a chance to test my theory, I’d bank I wouldn’t even need a steak knife to cut through it. It really was that tender. The Ancho Sauce had a little heat to it, always enjoyable for my palette. Again, a little heavy handed on the sauce though. It’s a minor gripe but one nevertheless. It came on a bed of Spinach. I’m not big on greens, but Spinach is one of the few that I enjoy and this was great. Frites were enjoyable but nothing special. The Steak was all I cared about and it delivered in spades.

Two dishes literally topped my list of food to eat in Hamilton. I’m obviously recommending Boo’s Bistro & Wine Bar. I will forewarn anyone reading though, your wallet will take a shot. I try to cap my dinner spending at $50. I hit that pre tax with the Mussels and Steak. That’s with no dessert or alcohol. There’s a lot to be said for “you get what you pay for” though. The service and food were both top flight. If someone asks me for a place to take a date, Boo’s Bistro & Wine Bar will be my automatic recommendation for the foreseeable future.

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