Eating Your Content: Delirious Burger

Delirious Burger - Entrance

Back in October, I caught wind of a new joint in Westdale called Delirious Burger. I went to drop in on a Sunday and… they were closed. Well then, I’M NEVER COMING BACK! Fast forward 5 months, I’m all “let’s eat in Westdale for a while.” Vanny decides he’s willing to let me slightly embarrass him as I take pictures of our lunch, and spout off about natural lighting like I have a clue what I’m talking about.

Delirious Burger - Walk In

Delirious Burger Menu

Just a heads up, Delirious Burger is NOT an easy spot to find. They are a side unit at the end of a plaza. The signage isn’t easily seen from the street. It’s a small restaurant, seating 10 people at most. The amazing chalkboard menu lays it all out (unless there’s a secret menu I’m unaware of). I absolutely LOVED that menu. Big props to their designer. Sadly, Vanny and I ordered the exact same thing so this is going to be a quickie review.

Fresh Cut Fries – $3

Delirious Burger - French Fries

A fellow Hamilton food blogger called these the best fries he (maybe she?) had ever eaten. Well then… that just set a ridiculously high bar now didn’t it? I must admit, the Fries were great. They were crisp, but soft upon biting through. A little bit of Sea Salt for seasoning was the finishing touch. I added a healthy dose of Black Pepper to the mix. At $3, they also give you a very generous portion. I ended up splitting it with Vanny.

Double Bacon Cheeseburger + Fried Jalapenos – $8.40 + 50c

Delirious Burger - Double Bacon Cheeseburger

Delirious Burger - Double Bacon Cheeseburger 2

Vanny got double Bacon (2nd picture) because he’s a man and I am not.

Alright this is what brings you in the door. I go back and forth on whether I’m a “Grilled” guy or a “Flat Top” guy. In Delirious Burger‘s case, they kick it US Diner style. Each 4oz patty has got that crust you only get from the flat top. The burgers themselves were juicy and bursting with flavour. I was shocked to find out they use processed American Cheese. I was almost put off but holy hell does it work here. Throw in that Bacon and you’ve got a winner. I’m really glad I went for the Fried Jalapenos. I need that little bit of heat with each bite.

Vanny‘s exact words after we finished were “it’s like Five Guys, except you know… good.” I’m inclined to agree with that statement. Once my lunch euphoria wore off, where I was about to declare that the best Burger I’ve eaten in Hamilton, I came to the conclusion that it’s allllllmost there. In the end, another burger joint still holds that distinction for me. What I will say is that it’s the best Flat Top Burger I’ve eaten… PERIOD! Yes, better than The Burgers Priest (GASP!). I’ll be making Delirious Burger a lunch staple from this point forward. If you’re in Westdale, you’d be well served to drop in and give them a shot.

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3 thoughts on “Eating Your Content: Delirious Burger

  1. I don’t eat gluten so they make me a “bun” out of saute’d portabello caps. It’s amazing. Ask for the psychedelic 🙂

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