Eating Your Content: Koosh Bistro

Koosh Bistro

There are certain parts of Hamilton I don’t get out to too often. Westdale would be one of those areas. I’m typically only there to get my favourite Grilled Cheese from another restaurant. When Lacey, Vesna (no online presence, she’s the smart one) and I were trying to sort out dinner plans recently, they suggested Koosh Bistro. They’d been there a few months ago for a Hamilton Dishcrawl and were pleased with what they’d eaten. I always say, word of mouth is the best endorsement so we locked up dinner plans.

Koosh Bistro - Bread And Olive Oil

Insalata Mista – $8.25

Koosh Bistro - Insalata Mista

Vesna ordered this salad to start. Everything looked fresh with vibrant colour. It was comprised of Spring Mix, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Carrots and Radishes. She wasn’t really a fan of the Red Wine Rosemary Garlic Vinaigrette (wow that’s a mouthful unto itself) though. All in all she thought it was “OK.”

Carpaccio Di Manzo – $14.75

Koosh Bistro - Carpaccio Di Manzo

I was hopeful to try something new. I was going to try Mushroom & Artichoke Bruschetta but then I saw this on the menu. I’ve never had Carpaccio before and had no idea what I was getting into. I’ve got to say, I was pleasantly surprised. When Koosh Bistro says the AAA Angus Beef is sliced thinly, they aren’t kidding. The medallions were paper thin and delicious. Oddly enough, the one component I was worried about, Capers, were what elevated the dish. They provided a bit of punch on the back end of each bite. The Beef was dressed with Red Onions, Parmesan and tied together with Garlic Ginger Cognac Sauce. The dish was also very large in size and came with far too little bread for the amount of meat. A few more slices would have been preferable.

Veal Gorgonzola – $23.99

Koosh Bistro - Veal Gorgonzola

Both Lacey and Vesna ordered this as their entreee. They’d eaten it during Dishcrawl and were looking forward to having it again. I’m all kinds of opposed to Gorgonzola as I find it horribly overpowering, and declined making our order a trifecta. This was a Pan Seared Veal Scaloppini in Gorgonzola Sauce topped with Whiskey Candied Apples. They subbed out potatoes for Mizithra Pasta. I did sample a small bit (for science obviously) and was happy with how tender the Veal was. I have to admit the Gorgonzola wasn’t nearly as strong as I’d feared. I can’t really speak on the Apple as I didn’t try and I don’t do sweet with savoury. The girls were both satisfied.

Puttanesca Sausage – $18.99

Koosh Bistro - Puttanesca Sausage

Usually you get Fettuccine with some Sausage. This was Sausage with some Fettuccine. Capers, Shallots and a generous amount of Chiles were thrown into the mix. I got a strong sense of heat out of every bite. It usually comes with Anchovies but I can’t stand them and took a pass. Also, let’s get one thing out of the way right now. This dish was a TANK! This was the first time in well… I can’t recall to be honest… where I didn’t finish my entree. I had to pack up 1/2 of it for lunch the next day (note that it kept very well). My only gripe was that this was drowning in sauce. I like sauce but Pasta shouldn’t resemble Soup.

Tartufo (Special) – $8

Koosh Bistro - Tartufo

Yeah… I was that person. The one that packs their entree and then turns around and orders dessert. DON’T JUDGE ME! As soon as I found out I could get Italian Ice Cream and didn’t have to sift through Cherries/Raspeberries or any fruit at all, I was on board. Bring me all the Whipped Cream. This was flat out amazing. With so much Chocolate, I expected to be smacked over the head with sweetness but this was ideal.

Espresso Creme Brulee – $6.99

Koosh Bistro - Espresso Creme Brulee

Vesna wrapped up with this dessert but much like her salad, she wasn’t over the moon with it.

Chocolate Crepe – $7.50

Koosh Bistro - Chocolate Crepe

I wish I had better lighting to do this dish justice. It was soooooo pretty upon arrival. The home made Crepe was filled with Hazelnut Cream Cheese Icing and Bananas then topped with Chocolate Ganache, Whipped Cream, Hazelnuts and Icing Sugar. Holy hell did it ever look good. Lacey was beyond happy with her dessert. I would imagine just about anyone would be from the look of it.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give props to our server Jackie. That girl MOTORED all night and was a one woman show for what turned out to be a busy Monday evening. I want to know what memory exercises she uses to list the specials. She had everything down to the finest detail. Always attentive without being overbearing. A great server can really be the icing on the cake (crepe?).

We had an enjoyable time at Koosh Bistro. Everything ranged from solid to fantastic. If anything, drop in for dessert and get that Chocolate Crepe. You won’t be disappointed.

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One thought on “Eating Your Content: Koosh Bistro

  1. Would that be Vesna from CFNY who worked the late shift back in, 94? If not, never mind. I had a spot on Humble ‘n Fred back then, so. I hear that name and think of her. Regardless, love your blog.

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