Eating Your Content: Sarcoa


Sarcoa opened in July 2012. I was all set to review it but word of mouth was generally negative. The scenery was gorgeous as it’s built right on the Hamilton waterfront but the way the restaurant was run left a lot to be desired. I figured I would just throw it on the back burner. It’d have likely stayed there if it wasn’t for a random review posted up in the Hamilton Subreddit. I figured the venue has had a year to work the kinks out.  I also learned they recently came under new management, so why not give it shot? Marie, Kathy and I were hoping to sit outside but that crazy bitch Mother Nature had other plans.

Smoked Brisket Poutine – $9


The girls weren’t too big on this appetizer but I absolutely loved it. Hand cut fries with Cheese Curds and thinly sliced Smoked Brisket. A Jus (I assume from the Brisket) binds the whole thing together. I could have eaten the Brisket all day. It  just melted in your mouth. I would have liked a little more Cheese curds though. It felt like an add on rather than an integral part of the Poutine.

Chicken & Waffles – $12


While the Poutine was a split, we all agreed the Chicken & Waffles was amazing. The chicken was very hot, tender and juicy. I would have loved to know how it was seasoned as it stood out among the many variations of Fried Chicken I’ve eaten over the years. The waffle was lacking in terms of crispness but it was to be expected with the amount of wet toppings. It was very sweet, a little more so than I’d care for but hardly off putting. It all comes together with Sausage Gravy and Chopped Pancetta. There’s no doubt in my mind I’ll order this again.

Dry Aged Strip Loin – $35




All 3 of us ordered steak. I’m typically wary of ordering steak outside of a steakhouse/chophouse. the girls both really enjoyed their entree. They both err on the Medium Well side. Our server (Joshua, who was FANTASTIC!) advised going with Medium. Kathy, for the first time in the 6 months we’ve been dining together, actually finished her entree. Marie was in some kind of insanely happy place during the entire experience. Leave it to say they wouldn’t have issues ordering steak again. I had a minor gripe with my steak as I ordered Medium Rare and it arrived Medium. Again, this goes back to my Steak at a Steakhouse only theory. It tasted fine but it wasn’t what I wanted. If I ever ordered again, it’d be Rare. On a more positive note, the starch’s were top flight. The girls both ordered Mashed Potatoes and said they were amazing. I was thoroughly impressed with the Gnocchi. The initial bites were best though. The experience dwindled as they got soggy in the Sauce. I wonder if I could get the Gnocchi on a separate plate? It’d kind of destroy presentation but I’d prefer it for taste.

Fresh Breeze – $10


Sarcoa offers a variety of specialty coffees. This was more of a specialty Hot Chocolate though. Peppermint Schnapps, Kahlua, HC, and finished with Whipped Cream. We were all pretty stuffed after such a large meal and passed on dessert but had to give this a try. Marie enjoyed it though said it needed a proper stir as she basically got a heavy shot of alcohol at the bottom. Not exactly a pleasant finish to an otherwise fine Hot Chocolate. Ask your server for a spoon.

All in all we had a very enjoyable time at Sarcoa. The service was stellar and the food, minor gripes aside, was delicious. It’s a shame I reviewed it so late in the summer as I would have loved to get pictures of the expansive and beautiful patio overlooking the water. It’ll have to wait until the next time I’m back and trust me, I will be back.

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