Eating Your Content: The Dirty South (Food Truck)

I’ve had my eye on The Dirty South for quite a while. My reasoning is simple; I love Fried Chicken and I love Poutine. The fine folks that run this truck have managed to combine 2 of my 4 food vices (Burgers and Pizza being the other 2) into a single dish. I’d heard great things so it was only a matter of time before I managed to try what they had to offer.

The Dirty Bird – $10.25

Oh you thought I was going to talk about Poutine? Yeah… that’s coming after I talk about this sandwich that debuted on the day I showed up for review (RUN GOOD!). Let’s get the obvious out the way, this sandwich is a BEAST! It was absolutely overloaded with BBQ Chicken. The chicken was amazingly tender and juicy and thankfully wasn’t oversauced. It was topped with shredded Cheddar and Sauteed Peppers and Onions. I’ve touched on this in other reviews. I HATE SOGGY VEGETABLES! Thank the good Lord The Dirty South does their Peppers & Onions right. The mushy consistency I typically dread was nowhere to be found. Every component, right down to the fantastic Pretzel Bread worked perfectly. I’m beyond glad I was able to be one of the firsts to try The Dirty Bird. It definitely won’t be the last time I eat it.

Fried Chicken Poutine – $7.25

Now THIS is what brought me to the dance.  A heaping mound of Fresh Cut Fries was covered in Cheese Curds, Fried Chicken (tossed in Louisiana Butter Sauce), Bacon Crumble and Gravy. It’s finished off with Buttermilk Ranch Sauce. HO… LY… SHIT! I’m not going to lie, I giggled a little bit when I saw this monster up on the counter ready for pick up. The picture doesn’t do suitable justice to the sheer depth of this Poutine. I LOVED the Fried Chicken. The bacon was crispy and was like a little flavour bonus every couple of bites. I’m not typically one for Ranch but this was tame and didn’t overpower. Please note that you can get this with either Fries or Tater Tots. I dropped the ball in getting French Fries. I’ve been told Tater Tots are the superior potato choice. I did have a slight gripe in that this was a little more salty than I’d care for. I found the more I worked through, the more I tasted salt. It wasn’t a major issue as the flavours came through but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it.

I should note I ate these at 1pm and was DONE eating for the day. Either of these amazing items will be more than enough food for lunch and/or dinner. I love going to Value Town and at $7.25, the Fried Chicken Poutine is enough food for 2 meals. The Dirty South is a regular fixture in Hamilton’s Gore Park & Upper Gage Garage. Check out their Facebook Page for dates and come hungry.

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3 thoughts on “Eating Your Content: The Dirty South (Food Truck)

  1. I absolutely despise poutine, and I can’t remember the last time I ate anything fried. So even though your review is fab, I don’t think this is the food for me.

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